AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 21, 2021 —, a leading online platform to play the lottery from a mobile device, recently announced its first million-dollar prize winner. The player won a $1 million prize by matching five numbers in the January 13th Powerball drawing.

The win took place amid the lottery jackpot fever still sweeping the nation as the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots continue to climb to nearly $1 billion each. While ticket sales historically increase in conjunction with high jackpots, has seen ticket sales spike more than 300% from only last month. Playing the lottery and other online games from the safety of one’s home has become an important bit of respite for many players during COVID-19.

“I’m delighted to celebrate our first seven-figure winner,” said CEO Tony DiMatteo. “It’s really gratifying to be a part of the excitement surrounding the large Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots during what has been a really stressful time for a lot of people, and we’re excited to see how much our users will take home in prize money.”

In addition to the $1 million win, users have raked in an additional $155,000 in prize money in January alone. Users on the platform keep 100% of their winnings. recently announced that Colorado is the latest state for its web and mobile users to play their favorite lottery games online. also continues to expand its services across the U.S., allowing users to play from the comfort of their own homes as lotto fever progresses.

19年2020月XNUMX日, 宣布了具有约束力的意向书 与Trident Acquisitions Corp.(NASDAQ:TDACU,TDAC,TDACW)合并,这将使Lottery.com成为纳斯达克股票市场上的公开交易公司。

关于 是一家位于德克萨斯州奥斯汀市的公司,它使消费者能够在家中或在美国和国际上出门在外,玩得州政府批准的彩票游戏。 该公司与州监管机构紧密合作,以推动彩票行业发展,提供更多的收入和更好的监管能力,同时占领包括千禧一代在内的尚未开发的市场份额。 Lottery.com也在赌博慈善捐赠,从根本上改变了非营利组织与捐赠者互动并筹集资金的方式。 通过他们的WinTogether.org平台,他们提供了慈善捐赠抽奖活动,通过提供一生一次的体验和丰厚的现金奖励来激励捐赠者采取行动。

关于拟议的业务合并,Trident Acquisitions Corp.(以下简称“ Trident”)希望向SEC提交一份初步的委托书(“委托书”),以征求Trident股东的委托书。 此外,Trident和 Holdings将就业务合并向SEC提交其他相关材料。 可以在SEC网站www.sec.gov上免费获得副本。 最终的委托书将在确定的记录日期邮寄给Trident股东,以对拟议的业务合并进行投票。 敦促Trident的投资者和担保人在获得对拟议业务合并的任何投票决定之前,先阅读委托书和其他相关材料,因为它们将包含有关业务合并和业务各方的重要信息。组合。 本新闻稿中引用的网站上包含的信息或可以通过本新闻稿中提及的网站访问的信息,不作为参考纳入本新闻稿,也不属于本新闻稿的一部分。

Trident及其董事和高级管理人员可能被视为参与与拟议业务合并有关的Trident股东代理委托书的参与者。 Lottery.com及其官员和董事也可能被视为此类招标的参与者。 证券持有人可通过阅读截至10年31月2019日的XNUMX-K表格上的Trident年度报告,《代理声明》和《委托书》和《与企业合并有关的其他向美国证券交易委员会备案的相关材料。 有关Trident参与投标者利益的信息(在某些情况下可能不同于其股东的利益)将在与企业合并有关的委托书中列出。